December 21, 2014

3D star place cards - quick & easy Christmas project #2

Time for project number TWO! 
If you missed yesterday's star garland project make sure you check it out.
As I said yesterday these three projects are totally quick and easy options for Christmas craftiness! 

Project #2 3D star place cards

These cute little stars make the perfect table decorations and place cards.

You will need
Glittery cardboard (doesn't have to be glittery if you're not really a sparkly christmas kinda person...)

Step 1
Draw a star on the back of the glittery card. If you're a confident drawer you can go ahead and sketch one out yourself. If not, no problemo! I've made a template just for you. :)
It's got four different star sizes for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Step 2
Cut out your star.

Step 3
Use your ruler and store straight lines from each tip straight down, as you can see in the pic above.

Step 4
Fold along the lines you just scored. This gives your star it's awesome 3D-ness...

Pretty cool right! :)

Now all you need to do is print off your guests names and pop them on their plates. 
Done and done!

Very simple little detail to add to the table but your guests will love it. So cute. 
Tomorrow I've got a quick little gift wrapping idea. Make sure you check it out. :)

DIY star garland - quick & easy Christmas project #1

Hello crafty friends! Christmas is only a matter of DAYS away now but it's never to late to get your Christmas craft on! 
Over the next 3 days I'm going to share with you a series of quick and easy projects that you CAN do before the 25th rocks around. I tell no lies! They are totally achievable. :)

Project #1 Clay star garland

You will need
Air dry clay
Star cookie cutter
Paint brush
A surface for working with clay. (Nothing to porous. I use the back of one of my cutting mats. Works pretty well most of the time.)
Craft knife

Step 1
Roll out some air dry clay and use a star cookie cutter to create your star shape.

Tada! You have a star! Pretty simple right?

Step 2
Carefully remove your star from the surface. I'm using a craft knife. 
Smooth off any rough looking edges with your finders. Be gentle... ;)

Step 3
Use the non brush end of a paint brush to poke a hole in the middle of your star.


Leave your stars to dry over night 
TIP: If you don't have time to waste use a polymer clay then you can bake it in the oven and they will be done in around half an hour!

Step 4
Thread the string through the holes in the stars. Tie a knot under each one to make sure they stay in place. I've left mine loose sitting on the knot but if you want to make them a bit more secure just add a little bit of glue. (UHU All Purpose is my FAV!)


Now the only thing left to do is choose where you want to put it! I'm going to put mine on the tree. :)

What do you think? Look like something you could get done before the big day? Make sure you check back in tomorrow and tuesday for the next two little projects!

December 8, 2014

Super awesome personal gift ideas for Christmas

Why are boys always so hard to buy for? Am I the only one who finds this? Whenever I ask my other half what he wants for his birthday or Christmas he just shrugs and says he doesn't want anything. Familiar story? He may not need anything in particular, but I always want to give him something that shows how much I care. It’s always been such a dilemma for me – until now that is! 

This Christmas I was lucky enough to be asked to check out the awesome personalised gifts that you can create through the Kodak Picture Kiosks at Officeworks.

The timing was perfect as we’ve just come back from an amazing trip in the U.S and we're got plenty of photos which would make really thoughtful presents.

I browsed through my photos, turned a few of the gems to black and white and off I went to Officeworks. They have a nifty little app called Kodak Kiosk Connect, which lets you to send photos directly from your Facebook and Instagram to the machine on your smartphone. No need for a USB or disc, so brilliant! :)

It took a while for me to narrow which photos to use and which products to create. I decided on a canvas print (RRP $39) and a mug (RRP $14.98) with two of his fave shots. I also couldn’t look past a personalised key ring (RRP $3.95) for a little stocking filler and I got some 8x8 prints developed to hang in our new bedroom.

The personalised mugs make brilliant goodie holders! For my man, the arty/photog type, I've filled his mug with paint pens and chocolate. I'll wrap it up in some cellophane and finished with a handmade tag of course ;) he'll totally love it. 

For inspiration on creative and personalised gift-giving, check out Officeworks ‘How To’ videos or join in the conversation on social media via #creativechristmas

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post. I was approached to promote the awesome products that are available through the Kodak Picture Kiosk. I am being paid for writing this post, however, as usual, I would never promote a product I don’t genuinely believe in. These personalised goodies make kick ass gifts and I would recommend them whether I was being paid or not. I have never and WILL never promote a product I don’t like. Simple as that. :)

November 6, 2014

DIY Ombre Plant Pots

I love spring. It's my favourite season. Not to hot yet and there's so many beautiful flowers out and looking pretty! I wanted to make something to brighten up my little courtyard, something fresh for spring.  TA-DA! Ombre pots...

You will need
Terracotta pots
Yellow spray paint

Step 1
Cover your entire pot in white spray. I’ve used a white primer spray but you can choose any colour paint you like!

Step 2
Place your pot upside down. Spray the second colour to the bottom half of the pot creating the beautiful gradient of the ombre effect.

Simple as that! Super easy, super effective. 
Cute right? What do you think? 
Have you spruced up any pots lately?

October 31, 2014

PASiNGA - my new favourite etsy store

I don't know about you guys but I'm still totally loving the whole concrete look, so naturally I fell in love when I came across this amazing Etsy store. PASiNGA is awesome. Their combination of art photography and concrete pieces is just genius. They work along side each other so well. You'll have to go to their store to really appreciate the way they have been able to combine these two very different mediums in the one store so seamlessly.
Just brilliant.

Here's a few of my faves from their store. Click the pretty pics to go to the listing.

What do you think? Awesome right? Hop on over and check out PASiNGA for yourself. :)
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