February 28, 2015

DIY Chalkboard Effect Table Numbers

The chalkboard look is still totally huge at the moment and lots of people are loving it for table numbers. 
It looks fab but can be hard to keep looking neat and tidy as chalk will smudge really easily. A great way to avoid the worry of the numbers getting messy it to paint them on rather than using chalk. 
This is a great solution too for any one wanting to use these in a cafe or lend them our for several events rather than just a one time use. 

These guys are not the easiest to make but they look awesome.
If you need help just shoot me an email, I'd be happy to give you whatever advice I can. :)

You'll need
Length of wood. The size and width is totally up to you. I use pieces 89mm wide and 12mm deep.
Dowel (dowel needs to be around half the depth of the wood. Mine is 6mm)
Drill bit (size to suit your dowel, mine is 7mm)
Masking tape
Matt black spray paint

Step 1
Cut your wood to size. My pieces are 65mm heigh. (65x89mm)
Give the edges of your blocks a light sand to get rid of any rough edges.

Step 2
Find the center of your block with a ruler and mark it with a pencil.
Clamp your wood so that it stands up right.
Drill a hole down the wood a few cm deep.
Tip: Using a doweling jig will help you to make your holes straight. 

Step 3
Tape up the edges of your block. This will give you your unpainted boarder.
How much you mask off is up to you. My boarders are 5mm wide.

Make sure all of the edges are covered and the masking tape is pressed down firmly. Any loose bits will allow paint to go underneath and you will end up with a messy edge.

Step 4
Give your blocks a light spray with your paint. The key to success with spray paint (expecially when working with masked off areas) is to do several light coats rather than one heavy one. This can cause the paint to run and it this case it could seep under the tape. Several light coats and you will have a perfect result (almost) every time.

Keep spraying your blocks until you're happy with the coverage. Some paints will need more coats than others.
My biggest tip for working with spray paint. Don't buy the cheap stuff. The more expensive products are more expensive for a reason. Trust me...

Step 5
Once the paint is dry you can remove the masking tape and reveal your oh so pretty clean boarder.

Step 6
If you're an ace drawer and have a knack for hand lettering go ahead and draw up each of the numbers by hand. (P.S. totally jealous!)
I don't trust my hand lettering skills to I always print out the numbers I want and trace them onto the blocks.
You can do this by scribbling all over the back of the print in pencil then tracing over the printed side. This will transfer the outline onto the block for you. 

See! :) 
Cool huh? 

Step 7
Paint the numbers. White paint will generally be a little transperent over black paint but that is perfect for this. You want the numbers to look like they are drawn (really nicely) with chalk to a bit of patchy colour is actually a good thing. :)

Looking good. :)

Step 8
Cut a length of dowel to size and stick it into the hole. If your dowel doesn't feel secure in the hole just add a bit of glue.


What do you think? Want to give it a try? I'd love to see your finished pieces if you do!

If you're not so keen to DIY these pretties yourself I do have a listing for them in my etsy store.
Honesty time. They are not the cheapest piece in my collection but they are quite time consuming so unfortunately I do need to charge more than some of the simpler pieces.
See these pretties in the Makes Two Weddings Etsy store.

February 14, 2015

Exciting Announcement! - New Direction for Crafted

Hello lovely crafters!

Any regular readers will have noticed I haven't been blogging any where near as much as I used to.
Well there's a reason for that.
It all started when I started getting more and more Etsy orders and maker work. This was taking up all of my blogging time! I can't complain because it's awesome work but it did mean I was getting more and more disconnected from this blog. It hurts to say it but I was even thinking of getting rid of Crafted all together. But the thought of that made me sick. It's like contemplating giving away your first born! Crafted has given me so many opportunities I couldn't just hit the delete button!

I'd been playing with the idea of starting an event decor blog for a while and every time I think about it I shut the idea down because, really... if I couldn't post to Crafted at to a standard that I was happy with how on earth could I run another blog as well??

So here's the big news...
I've decided to take Crafted down a new path!
You may notice the header now says event decor and handmade goodness. From now on I'm going to share my passion for wedding and event decor as well as all things handmade.
I'm really excited by this new path and I hope you are too!

Enjoy the new Crafted! :)


February 4, 2015

DIY flower placecards

Place cards are such a great and inexpensive way to add some personality to your table settings for any event! 

These flower place cards are simple, sophisticated and quite easy to make!

Step 1
Trim any leaves and thorns from your flowers.

Step 2
Cut a small piece of kraft wrapping paper to the size. 

Step 3
Wrap the paper around the stems and add a small piece of tape to hold the paper in place.

Step 4
Print out your guests names in a calligraphy font leaving enough space between each name to make the tags. Use a 2" circle punch to cut out your tags.

Step 5
Punch a small hole in the top of the tag, and tie it to the flowers with a small piece of string. 

And you're finished! I love these so much! If you make them for your event please send me photos! I'd love to see them. :)

January 20, 2015

Chop Chop! Handmade chopping boards

There is something so appealing about a well made chopping board...
Here's a bunch of super attractive cutting boards that would make you kitchen feel super loved, and being close to Valentine's Day, who doesn't want to feel loved...? Right? :)

Big Hex "Night" - By Little Lumberjack

This post has the yummiest tutorial photos I have EVER seen! *in love*
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