August 28, 2014

My new FAV online store! MyCuppatea.

If you have been a Crafted reader for a while you might remember a little interview I did with Akiko about her and her husbands amazing store bRainbow. (If you haven't seen their stuff do yourself a favour and take a peek, you'll love it!)

Well Akiko sent me a lovely little email the other day telling me about their latest adventure, Mycuppatea and it has quickly become my new favourite online store!

Mycuppatea is full of lovely items, lots of them coming from the incredibly trendy country of Japan and lots of the products haven't been available in Australia before now.

Here's a few of my favourites. Click the pics to see the items in the store.

The colours of each of these super cool crayons is inspired by Claude Monet's paintings. Brilliant!

Green Marker sticky notes - I love the novelty of these as much as their practicality! 

These super cute rings are actually post-it notes! No Joke! Have a look at the video on the Mycuppatea website. Such a clever idea! :)

When I saw these I thought, cute, wood grain printed craft paper. No. This is ACTUAL WOOD! It can be cut and folded just like paper. So freakin' cool!

They also have a whole bunch of tech accessories and homewares but I thought I would let you discover those for yourself. ;)

August 8, 2014

Weave Wonders - Etsy store She Loves Life

Woven wall hangings are one of the biggest crafty trends at the moment. I assume this came about from the revival of macrame. (which by the way I'm still totally loving)

This pink weave caught my eye the other day and I just HAD to share this amazing store with you.
Click the pics to go to the listings!

Amazing right! 

Love this purple one too! 
Check out the She Loves Life store here.

July 31, 2014

I'm Loving: Cork DIY projects

I'm totally loving cork at the moment. I think it's the textural aesthetic that really draws me to it. 
Check out these fab DIY projects featuring the wonderful CORK!

July 20, 2014

Things to make with leather

I'm loving the leather look right now.
I've never tried working with leather before but I think it might just be my next creative love. Check out these amazing things you can make using leather...

Awesome stuff right! Click the links above to see the tutorials from these amazing bloggers.

July 15, 2014

DONUT miss these DIY projects...

SUPER funny, I know. ;)

Donuts are flooding the DIY world at the moment! I'm not really sure what brought on this trend, maybe a different take on the oh so popular Pineapple? Or maybe we owe this trend purely to the amazing Studio DIY? Who knows? What I do know is how freakin' cute they are!
Check out these awesome projects.

DIY donut coasters - Henry Happened

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