How to: Pin board frame

How to make your own 
pin board picture frame!

You will need:
Picture frame
cork sheet
foam sheet
pins / tacks

Step 1:
First off get rid of the glass in the frame!
Hold on to it though! I will be using it in another projects later.

Trace the backing board of the frame onto your cork sheet. 
This will show you how much you the perfect size to fit into your frame.

Cut the cork to size.

Drop it into the frame to make sure it fits.

Step 2:
Repeat step one with your foam sheet. You could use another layer of cork for this step. I just like the squishy-ness of the foam sheet. The second layer is just to give the tacks something thicker to stick into.

If you want the natural cork look for your frame just pop all the pieces into the frame and you are done!

Use it for displaying your business cards.

or promotional flyers.

or just a super great personal picture frame!

Continue with me now to fabric covering...

Step 3:
Before you place your cork and foam into the frame put the fabric down first.

Then place your cork down and then the foam sheet.

If you want a permanent fabric fix I would add a piece of card behind the foam to attach and stretch the fabric to. I however want to be able to chance the colour of the fabric to suit what ever I want to put in the frame so I simply used the metal clips of the frame to hold the fabric in place. 

TA DA! How easy is that!!

Once again you can use it to display what ever you like!!

Only down side to using fabric... You will get holes in the fabric... 
another advantage to being able to change the fabric in the frame! :D

Now go off and make your own! It couldn't be easier!