How to: Newspaper canvas artwork

Hey guys!
Ok so we all have a few canvases lying around our home or studio that are half painted and you are probably not going to go back to it, or it's damnaged and of course you don't throw it away becauase you might be able to use it for something... Well here is a project for just such a canvas. :)

You will need:

My old canvas story- this particular little guy was originally going to be used to make an art work for my mum for mothers day last year. Then I wanted to experiment with painting over big blobs of glue (got as far as the blobs of glue on the canvas... thats it.) Then I covered it in newspaper. was going to draw over it or something. And finally TODAY I finally did something useful with it! 

Step 1: Tear up strips of newspaper

Step 2: Twist the newspaper strips into nice thin twirly strings.

Step 3: Wrap the strings around a pencil. (or anyting else that is kind of round, paint brush or a pen)

Wrap it all the way around and slide it off the end of the pencil.

Step 4: Put a BIG dollop of glue onto your canvas. You need to be very generous with your glue for this project!

Stick the twirl of newspaper onto the canvas.

Use a paintbrush to cover the twirl in glue. I mean it, generosity is the key for getting this project to work!

Keep making coils and sticking them on. :)

getting there...

Seriously, lots and lots of glue. After all your hard work you don't want it to fall apart...
Make sure you use a glue that dries clear, or even better a glue, like the one I am using, that goes on clear. That way you don't risk any white blotchy patches of glue to spoil your work!

Keep going...

and going...

almost done!


It does take several hours and your hands get a bit sore but its totally worth it. It looks great. No more crappy half dead canvas. :)

Thinking about putting some gold leaf touches on the coils...

What do you think? :)