How to: Earring hanger

This is one super easy tutorial that wont cost you much at all!
Most of the things you need to make this project you will most likely have lying around the house. 
I wanted an earring holder but I didn't have any space to put one on a surface... 
so I made one I can hang in my cupboard. :D 

You will need:
A coat hanger (one with clips)
Wrapping paper
Perforated plastic sheet
Double sided tape
Step 1
Cut two frame shapes out of cardboard
any old cardboard box should give you all you need. :)

Step 2
Cut a piece of wrapping paper about a inch larger than the frame the whole way round. You need this excess to wrap around the cardboard.
Step 3
Cut a square out of the center of the wrapping paper, again you need to leave enough paper around the frame for wrapping.
Cut lines from the corner of the inside square to the corner of the frame.
Step 4
Use double sided tape to stick the paper to the frame.
You can use glue for this if you prefer... I think double sided tape is a lot faster and less messy than using glue but if you are more comfortable with glue thats a-ok. :)
Step 5
Wrap the outside sections around to the back using the same method as you used for the inside.
Repeat this with both frames.
Step 6
Cut your plastic mesh to the size you need.
Step 7
Glue the mesh onto one frame.
Put more glue on the other side of the mesh.
You can never have to much glue with something like this. :)
Now stick the second frame on.
Step 8
Clip the coat hanger to the top of the frame.


Much better! Now they don't have to be hidden away in a box when I'm not wearing them. :)

What do guys you think? 

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