How to: Make a stylish christmas bauble, Decopage style

You will need:
The thinner the better, wrapping paper works brilliantly!
Also an intricate pattern like the one I have used here is also great.

Foam ball
I have used one that is 75mm

Have a meter handy, you shouldn't need that much but its better to have to much than not enough right?

pins with a plain flat head are best as you kind of want them to be a ose to invisable as possible.

You will get the best results with a proper decopage product like Mod Podge. I couldn't find mine so I used regular PVA glue.

Paint brush
Pick one that is a decent size and please not your best one! It can be tricky to get all of the glue out of your brush so I generally recommend having a set of paint brushes JUST for glue as they are never quite the same after using glue with them.

or you can use a knife. It's just to cut the paper

Step 1
Cut the paper into smash-ish triangles. The triangular shape helps as you get less wrinkly bits and bits trying to stick up. I don't know the science behind it but trust me it works. :)

Step 2
Apply a generous amount of glue to a section of the foam ball.

Step 3
Stick one of the triangles onto the ball and cover the piece in glue. Be generous, but not to generous. If you apply to much glue it will dry cloudy. This happens because the top of the glue dries first and then blocks the lower sections of glue from reaching air so it does not try.
Continue on with this process.
The sections you can see in this pic that are almost totally white (in the corner of the middle triangle) This is to much glue. Mine dried a little coludy... Again if you used Mod Dodge or something simular you won't really have this problem...

Just keep going :)
You can kind of see in this pic I am using something to hold the ball off the ground. Its acually the stand from a little maniquin like the one in the first picture on this post. Pipe cleaners work really well as a substitute. You can stick them in and wind the other end around anything!

Tada! One totally covered ball!

Once it is dry you can start the ribboning (if it's not a word it should be)
Step 4
See in the picture above this one there is a patch I have missed. This is because it's where the wire was poking into it. But never fear!
Grab your ribbon and a pin. Stick the ribbon down so it coveres the gap, if you have one.

Step 5
Wrap the ribbon all the way around the bauble and pin it down to cover the first pin.

Step 6
Repeat step 4 this time going the other way around the bauble
Step 7
This time when you get to the end create a loop with the ribbon and then pin it down.
This will be your hanging device. :)

All finished! Super stylish christmas bauble

So what do you think? Do you have any decopage tips you would like to share? :)

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