How to: Glittered sunglass case - Guest post from Katie!

Katie is the first of my wonderful sponsors to share a guest post with you all! :)

Hey there! I'm Katie, You can find me over on my blog- Punk Projects - where I post lots and lots of craft tutorials, inspiration, etc.  For this guest post, I restyled this old Sunglasses case. I found it at a thrift store for only $1.00, and now it's super glittery!
Supplies: Mod Podge, Paintbrush, Glitter, Sunglasses Case, Old Bowl or Paint Palette.
1. Mix together your mod podge and glitter. You want it to be about half and half. I used a whole container of glitter, but it was a very small container.
2. Start painting it onto your case.
It will dry darker than it goes on, so don't worry if the color looks funny. That's just the mod podge, which will dry clear. ;)
3. Once dry, you may need to give it an extra coat of glitter/mod podge. I gave mine 3 coats of paint just to make sure I filled in any holes.
4. Let dry completely. I love this technique for adding glitter, because the glitter wont rub off once it is dry!
Thanks Katie! Great little tutorial! :)
Pop over to Punk Projects to see more of Katies awesome work. :)

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