Crochet is awesome! :)

A few weeks ago I went to a craft expo with my friend Rachel and my mum and we bought kits to crochet these floor poof pillow things. We were really exited about these, the only downfall was that neither Rachel or I knew how to crochet... This is where mum comes to the rescue and said she can teach us.  
If you follow me on instagram you will know that this weekend we started our projects! This was REALLY EXITING for us. Quite daunting at frist but we got there in the end. :) Thanks mum ;)
I'm not particularly good at it yet but I do love it. :)

From this I have now become a little bit crochet obsessed...
As all of us online crafters do I jumped straight on etsy and made it and took a peek at some crochet items sellers have for sale. I found some beauties. ;) (apologies for the aussie slang)

Susie J Crochet

Three bird nest


Violas Boutique
Might purchase this one myself. ;)

Annie Design

Nothing but string
Make sure you check you check out this store. Emily's crochet items are AMAZING!!

More of a D.I.Y. person?
 make sure you check out tomorrows post to see some awesome crochet patterns. :)

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