Christmas Giveaway winners!

I was so excited to pick the winners for this giveaway! I LOVE all of the prizes so much I just can't wait for everyone to get their goodies! :D

To make sure everyone got the correct amount of entries for the giveaway I made a table and ticked off what parts where completed by each entrant so if you did extra work, don't worry you definately got all of your entries. Some people got their names in the box FIVE times! Good work! :)

So here are the winners...

Winner: Flavia

Winner: Samantha

Winner: Kathleen

Winner: Flavia - prize number two for Flavia! Lucky you! 

Winner: Katie

Winner: Julie

Winner: Glenys

Winner: Miss Paperie

Winner: Katie - prize number two for Katie - lucky lady.

Winner: Dawn

Congratulations to all of the very lucky winners! 
I will contact all of you to get your addresses for the sellers.

HUGE thanks to all of the sellers who participated in the Christmas giveaway! You are all so wonderfully talented it is such an honour to promote your products! :)

I hope everyone enjoyed the giveaway!