D.I.Y. Christmas tree garland

Hello crafty friends! 
As we all know Christmas is on it's way and it will be here before we know it. 
With this tutorial I will show you how to make this super easy christmas tree garland. You can draw the shapes yourself or you can get my template here. :)

You will need:
Template - or draw one up yourself.
Sticky tape
Double sided tape or a paper glue
Pretty papers

Step 1
Cut out the christmas tree template and draw trace around it on your decorative paper. The paper I am using is patterned on one side and blank on the other. If yours is printed both sides you will need plain white paper too, or use two prints. There are no rules. :)

Step 2
Once you have traced the pattern onto the paper cut out each of the shapes.

Step 3
Place the papers face up, the way you want them to look once it is assembled. 

Step 4
Stick the layering pieces together with double sided tape. Once you have each of the layered pieces assembled stick the star to the top and the square to the base of the tree.

Step 5
Cut a small piece of string and tape it to the back of the tree.

All done! 
Now make a bunch of them and hang them on a long piece of string. 
The great thing about this project is that the trees can also be used as tree decorations card embellishments or even gift tags. 

Hope you like my little project. I'm working on another project using this same pattern.
Hopefully I will finish it up soon and I will of course share it with you all as soon as possible. :)

What are you making for christmas? 

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