DIY camera print wrapping paper

You only need three things to make your own camera wrapping paper.
A stencil - I used this wooden flourish from Kaisercraft. You can use any, or just make your own.
Spray paint - if you are doing this project with littlies you can use poster paint and a sponge to get a similar effect.
Kraft gift wrap - doesn't have to be kraft colours. Just pick a colour that will contrast with the colout or your paint.

I'm going to let you look through the pretty pics for the steps. They are pretty self explanatory...
I'll be back with a few tips after the pics. :)

- When you are using spray paint make sure you use it in a well ventilated area, outside is ideal.
- Spray paint is NOT a safe option for kids to use. As I said before, if you want to do this project with kids I suggest you use a non toxic poster paint and a sponge. OR blow pens if you can get your hands on them! They are awesome. :)
- They won't all come out looking perfect but I think that is what gives it its handmade charm. :)
- The good thing about using a wooden flourish as apposed to a regular stencil is that you now have a BEAUTIFULLY painted addition for a card to go with the gift. ;)

What do you think?? I made a few other wrapping papers today too! I'll be sure to share them with you soon. :)
Do you have a camera happy friend that would like their goodies wrapped in this paper? Mine is being used for my boyfriends. He is getting some camera equipment for christmas so I thought it was fitting. ;)

I wrapped his other pressie in a camera theme too! I'll show you that one tomorrow. :)

Have you finished all your wrapping? Finished all your shopping even? :)

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