FREE printable gift tags

Merry almost Christmas everybody!

To celebrate this wonderful time of the year I have made these printable gift tags.
With each download you get 4 variations of the design in the photograph and three of each variation on the one printable sheet. That's 12 tag to a page. 

I haven't quite gotten over my triangle obsession yet so I thought I would run with a triangle theme for these tags. One thing I wanted to make sure of is that they where not to "christmasy" I want you guys to be able to use these babies all through the year. They would work perfectly for a birthday gift or just a nice little pressie to say thanks to a friend. 

They are just a bit bigger that 2in, so they work really well if you have a 2in paper punch. If not you can just cut them out with scissors. (that's what I did)

Hope you enjoy! :)

Download the soft blue set

Download the black and white set

Download the yellow set

Download the blue and yellow set

Download the green set 

Download the orange and yellow set

There are no holes in the design. This way you can choose which way they should go. :)

You could totally just use them to make a pretty garland or even decorate a card!

P.S. If you use them and love them please let me know! Even send me pics! I would love to see how you use them. :)

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