Stamp your own gift wrap

I just LOVE gift wrapping!! I love everything about it! In fact I would be quite happy if I didn't get any pressies as long as I could wrap everyone elses for them! hehe. I really want to write a gift wrapping e-book but unfortunately, with only 10 days to go before the fat guy pays us all a visit I won't have it done in time for this Christmas. Maybe next year *fingers crossed*

In terms of DIY wrapping paper, this year we are all about stamping and printing. Brown kraft paper has stood the test of time and I am seeing a lot of white being used to print on as well. 
I managed to pick up some awesome geometric stencils from my local scrapbooking store so I'm hoping to use those create some cool prints for my wrapping paper this year. I'll be sure to show you all if I get it done. :)

Check out these awesome stamped paper tutorials. 


Ishtar olivera

The cheap luxury

Design Sponge

Trinkets in bloom

Squirrelly minds

The options are endless!

Are you making your wrapping paper this year? How are you doing it?
Have you seen any other DIYs online? Please share them in the comments. :)