Craft materials for your tripod

If you want to see the art of technology with the integration of craft, then look for Induro tripods. Comparing Induro options with other brands, they define elegance and class in their formation. Although a bit expensive compared to any other tripod brands, they give you value for your money. You are covering a high-profile event, a photographer; you have no option but to be in a strategic place to capture images of the event from the podium to the audience. You need to have a beautiful tripod which leaves everyone staring at it from time to time. It gives a positive image of the media house you represent and your professional skills. You never know, part of the audience might be impressed and give you a contract which could be your dream job.


Induro option display craft in the following ways

The legs

The legs are not just a straight metallic rod. They have rubber lining which is light in weight and incorporate the principle of stability. It means, when you make the height adjustments, you do not have to get friction, the rubber lining of the legs give you a smooth feeling which in turn adds aesthetic value to the tripod.


Some of them incorporate the idea of universal color to create uniformity and color blending. The integration of white, black and grey color communicates professionalism and elegance in the accessory. The tripod bag will confuse you for a laptop bag with the various compartment to take care of the sensitive lenses. The compartments are made of smooth lining which absorbs dust keeping your lenses dust free.


Yes, the core function I to hold a camera in place. The manufacturer toolkit time to make an accessory which suits most of the renowned camera brands. Am sure they had them in mind when making the tool. In addition, the rotating facility has a high performance with a digitized functionality to help professional cameramen who want more than just a tripod, they do not fear to spend more to get it.


From the outward look, you will not fail to notice the uniqueness of the design. The quality of the material and the clothing to cover some of the sensitive parts define the use of artistic skills in the development of the tripod. Furthermore, the moment a cameraman removes it from the bag, you will not think it is a tripod, the assemblage and packaging go beyond international standards.


Have you seen a tripod stand which might confuse you to be a human robot? It even obstructs viewers from following the proceedings. That is not the case with Induro option; their sleek metal stands with the light yet stable material stand out from the rest.

Ball head compartment

The dual feature of the ball head and the camera plate gives it a plus when it comes to performance. As you change position, you do not have to wor  ry about the outcome of the image. The sensor automatically detects it and rotates the image to come out straight.

The induro option defines creativity, class, modernity, and tradition in the design and performance of their tripod brand.

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