5 Craft Ideas To Do With Your Old Clothes

We all have clothes that reach the end of her life, either because they are worn or are too small or out of fashion. With the new season entering street shops, we often find ourselves saving space in our closets for newcomers and tearing shirts and old shirts that we no longer make. The case. Instead of putting objects in the trash, try recycling them in another way. This allows you to reduce the amount of waste, and can help you in the hobby, and even give you some wonderful gift ideas!

Use them as cleaning cloths.
If your old clothes are off and you wear them to death, it may be the only option to use them as a breach. Do not knock though – you will still need to clean clothes and old clothes bands do the job just fine. Tear them and put them in a bag under the sink; you now have a good supply of all these dirty jobs.

Make new clothes
Sometimes you like clothes so much that you can not afford to leave them. It may be a classic design or style that you have not found anywhere else. In this case, try to make your old clothes new Skirts, for example, are simple shape making them easy, and can easily be converted into a skirt with scissors and a sewing machine. Old jeans are perfect for making shorts, and if you only have a small piece, you can always make hats or gloves or even a simple scarf!

Make a quilt mixture
Quilted quilts are beautiful things and can be used for years to come, so if you have a lot of clothes to get rid of, try cutting them into shapes and putting quilt. It’s a great project, but if you love crafts and hobbies, this is right for you! Make sure the quality of the fabrics you use is sturdy enough to last – some clothes are made at a very low price and may not be appropriate. If you collect fabrics over a period, you will have a larger inventory to work with, and a quilt provides the best types of handmade linens, beautiful and cheap for years to come.

Many teenage girls and even some boys like to re-invent their clothes; they do this by cutting off their clothes and tailoring other clothes they have. Girls especially kind of art and crafts love the home fashion design experience also involved in removing wrinkles in my shirt. What they will do if they have white clothes or light blue clothes is that they will print their logos to put on clothes. People who go to wild parties, such as student parties or evenings at nightclubs, often paint faces, wash their hands in paint, and wave in all their party clothes. So you can always wear your old clothes for parties that can get dirty in one way or another

Make pillow covers
If the quilt looks very hard, you can always try to make it smaller and simpler as a pillow cover The decorative pillows look great on your bed and sofa, and you can make them in many colors as you have old clothes! You do not need to be big, so you’ll have enough material (the old shirt will be big enough) and just need to sew along the sutures. They also offer original gifts to friends and family, as well as being free!

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