About Me

I'm a crafty gal from Sydney Australia. 
I'm massively obsessed with all things wedding and event decor as well as all things handmade. 

I have a little etsy store where I sell pretty things for weddings. Check it out. Makestwoweddings.etsy.com

I have a massive weakness for craft supplies. I just can't help myself. Fabric, paper, glitter, glue, tape, scissors, stickers, paint... doesn't matter what it is. And the worst thing is... I've totally gotten into power tools too! 

About Crafted
Crafted is the place to find inspiration for your next event or handmade project. Here I share DIY tutorials, event tips and ideas, stories from makers and much much more!

Please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you think. I love hearing from the awesome peeps who read my blog. I am always open to suggestions!:)
get.crafted (at) gmail . com
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