About Me

Hey! My name is Dom.

I live in Sydney, Australia.

I worked in art and craft stores for over 5 years. It started as just a part time job while I studied graphic design but after I graduated I got more involved with the stores and started to take the industry a more seriously as a career path. I ended up managing two stores. 
I now work for the very creative Tara Dennis. I love my job. I get to combine my graphic design skills with my crafting obsession. It really is my dream job. :)

I have a massive weakness for craft supplies. I just can't help myself. Fabric, paper, glitter, glue, tape, scissors, stickers, paint... doesn't matter what it is. And the worst thing is... I'm starting to get a feel for power tools too! 

Crafted is all about getting crafty and celebrating the handmade community. I always jump at the chance to promote any handmade sellers and their products.

Please don't hesitate to contact me and tell me what you think. I love hearing from the awesome peeps who read my blog. I am always open to suggestions!:)
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