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Crafted Blog is a community-based learning site committed to unlocking your creative side. We believe that with the right atmosphere and materials at your disposal, you can create some of the practical things you need, all by yourself. Our job is to provide you with the environment and tools to make your small corner a beautiful one.

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Art never ends; life itself is art, continually evolving and becoming better than what it was yesterday. Everyone is an artist deep down inside, and while the first step in art is imagination, the most satisfying part is creating something with your own hands, from scratch. The first men crafted spears out of sticks due to necessity and later sharpened them to become arrows. They created all of these because they needed them. Simply put, craft results from a necessary response to a need.

As time went on, craft slowly became exclusive to a specific group of people, specialists, or craftsmen. Less and fewer people created things with their hands anymore, and the culture seemed to be dying out. The good news is that humans have come full circle, and the trend is reversing. With the advent of social media and the transfer of knowledge, the Do It Yourself (DIY) rave is widespread and more people are creating things out of necessity again. At Crafted Blog, we aim to aid people in discovering the joys of imagination and building on it.

What We Do

When we started, we asked many people what they’d create if they had the chance to make just one thing. The answers were surprising and revealing. While some people wanted to develop outlandish things like a thought detector, that’ll discover what’s going through your mind in real-time and predict what you’d think about shortly, the vast majority of people wanted to create practical and simple things that could be used in the household every day, like a toothbrush holder, or something that takes out the trash every morning.

At Crafted Blog, we’re more interested in everyday equipment that can be created with easy-to-find or recycled materials, saving our ecosystem from a whole lot of damage. The great thing is that there’s no limit to your imagination and what you can create.

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We were founded with a fiercely creative spirit and one simple objective; to help people channel their imaginations into a craft. We seek to promote using your hands to create what’s on your mind.

To become the leading source for ingenuity, by creating an atmosphere where everyone can make their part of the world as beautiful as they want it to be, without breaking the bank.


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