Ping Pong as an Art

<h2> By: Summer Natasia

By: Summer Natasia

Date: October 31, 2018

Ping Pong is a brain game, which not only requires technical skills but also artistic skills to sharpen your gaming ability. Just like any other game, it has rules but there are other additional functional abilities a player needs; to ensure he can play with high level of expertise. What classifies Ping Pong as an art? The artistic nature of the game is seen in two ways: the first is in how a player uses creative skills in body movements to ensure he taps the butt in a unique way. Secondly, it is portrayed in the table tennis equipment( integrated as a theme. The theme of the game is emulated in events, birthday cakes and pictorial presentations of different themes. Some of the areas to portray artistic skill in the game include

  • Focus

Winning a ping pong game requires a sharp focus which is gained during practice and friendly tournaments. Remember, your opponent also does a similar training and has a better grasp of the rules of the game. What brings the difference is your level of focus when hitting the tennis ball. How do you hold the tennis butt, to have a proper projection with stamina to hit the opponent? Some people have mastered the art of accuracy on hitting the ball while others major in having a prior knowledge in the direction of the opponent.

  • Skills

Numerous skills determine the success of the game. Butting, ball response and body movement are the basic skills a player learns for the sake of a win. To beat your opponent, you need an extra skill to ensure you have unique and unpredictable movements against your opponent.

  • Thematic Images

Look at the ping pong theme in an event. The complex integration of the table equipment to have relevance on the event requires top-notch artist in decoration and events management. Where do you place more focus on the theme that your audience will appreciate? Will it have a positive impact? Imagine attending a Ping Pong event as a novice in the game and come out without having an idea of how a table tennis butt looks like. The artist will have failed to deliver.

  • Physical Movements

In football, some players can score using either the left or the right hand. All of them have the talents, but the use of both legs is an individual artistic skill. Similarly, in ping pong, your physical body movement in ball response is not just your physical fitness but an exceptional use of your limbs to your advantage. Creative art in ping pong on body movements covers comprehensive areas, like visual and audio skills.

You need to interpret different sounds of the ball when hit, to determine the strength of landing. In addition, you need a clear visual ability to view the ball for timely ball response. Select here for some spectacular ball response and hitting skills.

You may have the best creative art skills in playing Ping Pong, if you have a piece of poor quality equipment, the sharpened skill will not be of help. Read this site before buying to ensure you have the best based on proven and tested parameters.

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